Wills & Trusts in Santa Rosa, California

At Mullins Henderson Law, we specialize in providing comprehensive legal services in the areas of wills and trusts. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of estate planning. We ensure your wishes are safeguarded and your loved ones are protected.

Our Expertise


A well-crafted Will is the foundation of any estate plan. At Mullins Henderson Law, we recognize that your situation is unique. We work closely with you to tailor a Will that reflects your specific needs and desires. Whether you are a young professional starting to build your legacy or a retiree looking to secure your family’s future, we are here to guide you through the process with clarity and compassion.

Our Will Services Include:

  • Drafting and updating wills
  • Designating beneficiaries
  • Establishing guardianship for minor children
  • Handling complex family situations


Trusts offer a powerful mechanism for managing and distributing assets according to your wishes while minimizing tax implications. We are well-versed in creating a variety of trusts. These include revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, and special needs trusts. We work diligently to understand your financial goals and family dynamics, providing tailored solutions that stand the test of time.

Our Trust Services Include:

  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Trust administration and maintenance

Our Powers of Attorney Services Include:

Financial: A financial power of attorney grants someone the authority to manage your financial affairs. They can make investment decisions and handle other monetary matters on your behalf.

Healthcare: Fill out a Healthcare Power of Attorney to choose someone you trust. They will make medical decisions for you if you can’t. This includes medical treatments, surgeries, and end-of-life care.

Specialized: You can tailor the scope of authority to specific tasks or time frames with a Limited or Specialized Power of Attorney. This allows you to maintain control over certain aspects of your life.

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Ms. Mullins Henderson helped my husband and I with our trust and we could not be more satisfied with her services. She is an efficient and resourceful person. Not only was she knowledgable, but she also helped us feel confident and secure in our decisions.

~ C.S. , Santa Rosa, CA