Kind words from the firm’s former clients

“Ms. Mullins Henderson helped my husband and I with our trust and we could not be more satisfied with her services. She is an efficient and resourceful person. Not only was she knowledgable, but she also helped us feel confident and secure in our decisions.”

C.S., Santa Rosa, CA

“I was very impressed by Kathleen’s ability to take the fear and confusion out of an extremely difficult situation. Her knowledge and support were essential in guiding me through the legal process. Kathleen is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend her to others needing legal assistance.”

K.A., Windsor, CA

“I was represented by Kathleen Mullins Henderson during the summer/fall of 2013. She came as a referral and acted on my behalf to represent me through my divorce settlement. Prior to connecting with Ms. Henderson, I was uncertain what steps to take, what rights I had and I was in a state of mind where I wasn’t certain if the international divorce process I had entered into would ever see an end. Ms. Henderson immediately provided me with legal direction and clarity. She helped turn my confusion and anxiety into one of focus, understanding and awareness. The most important features of her legal services, were that she made certain that my personal rights were always taken into account, she was confident in her actions and decisions and ensured that I was comfortable along the entire way. In the end Ms. Henderson helped turn a very painful and challenging situation into a favorable outcome. We settled favorably after only 3.5 months of the “back and forth.” One of the most significant things she did for me during this process was something that doesn’t necessarily come with the role of “legal counsel.” Kathleen helped me regain confidence and faith in who I was as a person. For this, I am forever grateful.”

Anonymous, Sebastopol, CA

“After being filed with divorce papers, I called Kathleen and left her a message regarding my circumstance. She promptly returned my call and was extremely helpful and concerned regarding my case. It was a breath of fresh air that someone finally cared and understood. I ended up meeting with her later that day and when I walked in still extremely emotional she looked at me and I felt like she understood. I explained my situation and told her that I was most concerned for my two children. She also understood that from a personal level also. Kate always tried to make sure that I understood that it really was the communication between my ex and I that would most likely solve this. She also completely understood and reminded me that all this anger from him was feelings of hurt. Kate was there for me emotionally and answered all my questions regarding the case at anytime. She was even willing to talk to me on weekends and from home. Kate is professional, caring, and I will always be thankful to her for helping me in one of the worst times is my life.”

N.W., Santa Rosa, CA