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Family Law – Order Modifications in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

Whether it’s a shift in financial circumstances, a change in employment, or alterations in the needs of your children.  If you are facing changes in your life that necessitate making modifications to your existing family law orders, our experienced legal team in Santa Rosa, California, is here to help guide you through the process of modifying family law orders.

Common Reasons for Family Law Order Modifications:

  1. Changes in Income: Whether due to a job loss, promotion, or other financial shifts, modifications to spousal support or child support orders may be necessary to reflect your current financial situation accurately.
  2. Child Custody Modifications: Life circumstances change, and so can the needs of your children. Our team can assist you in modifying custody arrangements to better suit the evolving needs of your family.
  3. Relocation: If you or your ex-spouse are considering a move, modifications to the visitation and custody orders may be required. We can guide you through the legal process to ensure compliance with California law.
  4. Health-Related Changes: If there are significant health issues affecting either party, modifications to support orders or custody arrangements may be warranted.  We can help you navigate these sensitive matters with compassion and expertise.

The Modification Process:

Consultation: Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your circumstances and explore the potential need for modifications.

Legal Analysis: We will carefully analyze your case and consider the relevant factors under California law to determine the viability of seeking a modification.

Negotiation or Litigation: Depending on your unique situation, we will either negotiate with the other party or, if necessary, litigate in court to secure the modifications you seek.

Court Approval: Once an agreement is reached or a court decision is made, we will assist you through the process of obtaining the necessary court approval for your modified family law orders.

Contact an Experienced Santa Rosa Family Law Modification Attorney

If you need to modify your family law orders, contact Mullins Henderson Law for expert legal assistance. Our team is here to navigate the legal complexities on your behalf, ensuring that your family’s needs are met effectively.

Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a more suitable and legally sound family arrangement.


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After being filed with divorce papers, I called Kathleen and left her a message regarding my circumstance. She promptly returned my call and was extremely helpful and concerned regarding my case. It was a breath of fresh air that someone finally cared and understood. I ended up meeting with her later that day and when I walked in still extremely emotional she looked at me and I felt like she understood. I explained my situation and told her that I was most concerned for my two children. She also understood that from a personal level also. Kate always tried to make sure that I understood that it really was the communication between my ex and I that would most likely solve this. She also completely understood and reminded me that all this anger from him was feelings of hurt. Kate was there for me emotionally and answered all my questions regarding the case at anytime. She was even willing to talk to me on weekends and from home. Kate is professional, caring, and I will always be thankful to her for helping me in one of the worst times is my life.

~ N.W. , Santa Rosa, CA