Business Succession Planning in Santa Rosa, California

As a seasoned attorney serving the vibrant business community of Santa Rosa and its surrounding areas, Kate understands the importance of thoughtful and strategic Business Succession Planning. Whether you are a family-owned enterprise, a closely held business, or a thriving corporation, planning for the future is crucial to ensure the seamless transition of your business to the next generation or chosen successors.

Why Business Succession Planning Matters

Business Succession Planning is not just about passing the torch; it’s about preserving the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. Without a well-crafted succession plan, businesses risk facing disruptions, conflicts, and potential financial setbacks. Kate specializes in helping business owners navigate the complexities of succession planning to safeguard their company’s continuity and prosperity.

Our Approach

Personalized Solutions
Every business is unique, and so is its succession plan. Kate takes the time to understand the intricacies of your business, your goals, and your vision for the future. We craft personalized solutions that align with your values and ensure a smooth transition that minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities.

Comprehensive Legal Expertise
With years of experience in business law, Kate possesses the in-depth legal knowledge needed to address the complexities of business succession. From structuring ownership transfers to managing tax implications, we provide comprehensive legal guidance at every stage of the planning process.

Multi-Generational Planning
Whether you are planning to pass your business to the next generation or exploring external succession options, Kate can guide you through the intricacies of multi-generational planning. We help you establish clear communication channels and implement strategies that foster a smooth transition, preserving the values and culture that make your business unique.

Risk Mitigation
Business succession involves various risks, including legal, financial, and operational challenges. Kate identifies potential risks specific to your situation and implements strategies to mitigate them effectively. Our goal is to protect your business and assets, ensuring a secure and stable future.

Speak To an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

At Mullins Henderson Law, we believe that proactive planning is the key to a successful business transition. Whether you are just starting to consider your succession options or need to update an existing plan, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward securing the future of your business in Santa Rosa, California.


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After being filed with divorce papers, I called Kathleen and left her a message regarding my circumstance. She promptly returned my call and was extremely helpful and concerned regarding my case. It was a breath of fresh air that someone finally cared and understood. I ended up meeting with her later that day and when I walked in still extremely emotional she looked at me and I felt like she understood. I explained my situation and told her that I was most concerned for my two children. She also understood that from a personal level also. Kate always tried to make sure that I understood that it really was the communication between my ex and I that would most likely solve this. She also completely understood and reminded me that all this anger from him was feelings of hurt. Kate was there for me emotionally and answered all my questions regarding the case at anytime. She was even willing to talk to me on weekends and from home. Kate is professional, caring, and I will always be thankful to her for helping me in one of the worst times is my life.

~ N.W. , Santa Rosa, CA